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There are many different ways to scent a home of which candles are one of the most popular. They also evoke a mood and are a great way to decorate. For me personally, candles are perfect for when I want to unwind, or have friends and family over.” However, to get the full effect of a candle, you may need to burn it for up to two hours to really get the strongest scent throw. So if I am in a rush, I will typically use a room spray first so that I can get the full impact of my favorite fragrance in a matter of seconds.

These types of home fragrances can also be layered. “Sometimes, if you want your fragrance to be both immediate and last the length of the get together, I recommend spraying a room fragrance and then lighting your candle, so the scent can last from the moment your guests walk through the door. I would also suggest using room sprays to cover up unpleasant odors. If you are like me, you have lots of pets, our room and linen sprays are perfect little pick-me-ups for layering on top of whatever scent was in the room already. You can spray on the couch, curtains, bedding or bathroom for an immediate and strong scent throw.

Wax melts are the perfect option to deliver a fragrance continuously. They are ideal for small spaces as well as homes with children and pets, where a lit candle left out could lead to disaster. I love wax melts for bathrooms or guest rooms where you wouldn’t want to monitor a burning candle. They offer constant scent which can be an easygoing low maintenance choice.

Fragrance Categories

  • Most fragrances will fall into one of several categories. A popular category especially around the holiday season is gourmand scents like vanilla, caramel or sweet fruity notes. If you love gourmand scents, try our best selling scent Bourbon Butterscotch!

  • On the other hand, floral scents are generally feminine and sweet such as jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, tuberose, ylang ylang, and violet. If this is your favorite category, you will love our Spring collection with scents like Wild Peach Poppy and Lilac Blossoms, as well as one of my personal favorites from our Signature Scents, White Tea & Jasmine.

  • Love the fragrance of a magical forest? Woody scents tend to be warm and balanced. This includes cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, and amber. This category includes patchouli, amber, vanilla, moss, exotic woods, spices, and flowers. If this sounds like you, I recommend Vanilla Cashmere in our Signature Scent collection.

  • Fresh scents are exactly what they sound like. Think citrus and grass-based scents. We have several to choose from, including Clean Cotton and Citrus Orange in our linen/room sprays or even Above the Waves in the Spring line.

How To Choose A Fragrance Without Smelling It First

Then there's the reality of living in a world where most of us purchase just about everything online, which is where you found us! Unless you go into a brick-and-mortar store, there's no way to know exactly what a candle or room spray will smell like until it arrives at your doorstep. This is why I created our discovery sets. We have two options, you can either purchase a discovery set that includes six 2oz candles or an endless amount of 1oz single wax melt samples to help you decide what your next favorite scent will be!

While there's no foolproof way to purchase home fragrances online, I suggest starting by reading our reviews and following us on our social media pages to see what others are saying. You can also start in a category of scent you know you are already drawn to. Stick with the fragrance families you know you are drawn to.

How do you make a decision on which candle to buy for your home? Do you check the label to see what kind of wax you will be burning? Do you just pick what smells best? Does it matter? The majority of mass-produced candle companies may have soy as an ingredient, but the candles are not made from soy wax. Paraffin is the most commonly used candle wax today with soy wax, palm wax, synthesized waxes, and a blend of multiple are all options as well. Out of all the options, soy wax is the most beneficial both to you and the environment. That’s why at Blue House our candles are made of 100% soy wax.

What is Soy Wax? Soy wax is a 100% natural wax derived from the vegetable soybeans. Soybeans are one of the major agricultural crops grown in the United States, behind only corn. Most of the world’s soybeans are grown and harvested close to home for us in the Midwestern United States. After the beans are harvested, they are then cleaned, cracked, de-hulled, and rolled into flakes. Soybean oil is extracted from the flakes and the leftover flakes are used for animal feed. Benefits of Soy Wax:

  • Soy Wax is non-toxic and cleaner-burning being made with no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants which means our candles are less likely to trigger allergies. As a vegetable-based wax, it does not give off any harmful byproducts or produce black soot that can stain walls and curtains like the other leading waxes.

  • Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax and because of this, soy candles will burn slower and longer than paraffin candles. Oils evaporate better from a larger surface area and with the lower heat and larger melt pool soy wax creates a scent that will be that much stronger and more pleasant.

  • Soy wax is easier to clean because it is biodegradable. It can be easily cleaned up with soap and water.

  • Soy Wax is Natural, Renewable and Vegan derived from the soybean. This wax is a hydrogenated vegetable oil that turns into a solid at room temperature. You can even make your own soy wax from soybeans at home

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